Saturday, June 30, 2007

Now Selling iPhone

Indeed I've decided to sell my iPhone already. It just doesn't do what I'd hoped. Only 8GBs of memory? My Ipod Nano has 2GBs and it's only a year old. Where's the 10x leap in capacity we all deserve?

Also the connection to wifi should allow me to make calls using VoIP but it doesn't! What the heck? Why should we have to pay to make calls on this thing? Being able to send free SMS while connected to wifi is nice though.

The "typing assistant" doesn't predict what I want to type. It only corrects it. With the touch screen capacity it should be able to type my thoughts or at least type by dictation. Nope, none of that either.

I tried using the iPhone to type in the access code to my friend's building. Nothing. No beep, no open door, nothing. Huge disappointment.

On the up side, I pulled my iPhone out at a restaurant this morning and all eyes were on me. That's kinda cool.

So yeah, I'm going to sell my second iPhone. It's still in the box and in the wrapping. I'm including the nifty iPhone bag that it came in which is probably plastered all over the Web in photos of my triumphant walk down the Apple Store staircase. It was glorious. Note that your iPhone, the one I'm selling was actually in my bag - I put my bottle of water in the iPhone bag and held it up as a decoy... in case.

See the ad here:

Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple store, just before it closed at 2pm

I took a minute to walk around and check out the old Apple store before it closed at 2pm to be forever transmografied into the Apple iPhone-mania Outlet.

Arriving at the iPhone line San Francisco

Here's a short clip shot while arriving at the line for the iPhone at the San Francisco Apple store on June 28, 2007

I am the first Canadian to own an iPhone!

I hope. At least I think so. I know own two iPhones. I'm still not sure what I'll do with the second one. Option 1: sell it to this John guy I met last night who will give me $150 + $190 coupon for a wine tour. Option 2: sell it to Fred, a nice Brazilian guy who I met last night. Option 3: keep it and give it to someone special.

What do you think?

Ps. I can't activate my phone yet. More updates on this pronto.

Out of battery

No future updates till tonight with iPhone in hand!

The Store Will Be Closing in 30 Minutes

At 2pm the Apple Store will close for a four hour super-makeover. At least this is what I've been told by a former Apple Retail Store employee. All the posters come down, all the merchandise will be re-arranged... I'm guessing they'll have every single employee on hand for this and it will still take them four hours. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

Other interesting news: The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, will be coming down here at 6pm to marry several gay couples. I'm not sure why these gays have chosen a big media extravaganza like this for their show of vows, but I can imagine it has some ulterior political objective. The media whores! Oh wait, that's super unPC. I mean, go gay guys! :)

The media people are getting a little crazy. It's annoying: cameramen walking up and down the line, lugging their cam at knee height, others angle their camera over all these geeks' heads while they're typing/blogging/ichatting away. Considering the recent commotion caused by Google's Street View as an invasion of privacy, and having looked into the definition of a "reasonable expectation of privacy," I can guarantee that these cameramen are invading the privacy of anyone whose laptop is suddenly and unavoidably exposed to the eyes of the world. Someone ought to sue.

It turns out neighbours -1 are a friendly lot, although I have to wonder if the folks in line behind us mind that their workmates have hopped into line here. I don't mind myself but I'd imagine others would... unless they're all doing it themselves right? - very possible.

Other surprising news: not everyone knows about the iPhone. Ignorance seems to range from "when is the iPhone coming out?" to "why the hell are you guys waiting here?" It's amazing that everyone doesn't know already. Seriously. Living in this city, how could you NOT know? I'll except the few tourists from this astonishment.

Oh yeah, I think I saw Tom Cruise. I got a picture, but I left my USB cable at home... AGAIN. ARGH.

Shout out to Cooley who stopped by to pass along his post card. Nice printing. Too bad I'm not into hiphop. Smart guy though ("here man, check out my new album for your iPhone. You can download it on iTunes." - smart, like the water).

Oh, lastly and speaking of water, MICROSOFT sent in their team to quench our parched throats with bottles of Tellme water. LAME. I gave them heck for approaching our territory and began shouting like an histerical fool who's been burnt by Microsoft too many times. They ran. Oh yes, they ran. (picture of this forthcoming).

The Facebook Greeting

In the next generation of devices and youth, I predict that the socially acceptable way to meet a person will be to begin talking to eachother, then add them to Facebook, thus learning their name (ie. scrap the handshake and the 'nice to meet you'). This way if the person doesn't merit further attention you can just not add them to your friends. This is the way of the techno-gen W and it happened here, in the line for the iPhone in San Francisco, first.

A Zoo of Rumours

I mentioned the zoo aspect. Well it's getting worse. Every Dick, Jane and Joe Tourist wants a photo of the iPhonies (you heard it here first) who have spent their night and, soon, their day awaiting the hailed messiah.

I'm just here for the challenge. I mentioned that right? Some, however, are just pure mercenary. Reports are coming down the line (literally) that line holders in NY are sitting for $400. Some say that we should be able to ask double and that we're allowed two iPhones each, so, for our efforts, our iPhones would be free +tax. Okay, sounds good. But how do we hook up with the buyers?

Enter I haven't bothered to check them out, but they've sent a spokesmen out to rally the crowd into logging on to fulfill eager buyers' orders.

The sun is getting frickin' hot. I'm probably a touch burnt already and it hasn't even hit apex yet. Stupid me left my hat at home when I ran my pit stop. Luckily Apple has come out of their legally dubious shadows to support us with a big fat bottle of water. Indeed, and not just any water, but Smart Water. The irony abounds.

Oh man, time for a piss break. Back to Starbucks I guess? Perhaps Macy's? Or there's the food court across the street.

This was the scene just before I left.

I'm at home. I gave up. It was too much for me.

Just kidding. I had to do #2 and wasn't feeling good so, after exchanging oaths of allegiance with neighbours -1, I took off for home. Em was still sleeping when I arrived here at 8:10am (she was going to call me at 7:30am and head down with some coffee) but that's okay. She was up late following my blog here or something. :)

I'm just copying over the photos and movies from my camera right now. The dead laptop battery is still charging because my darn power cable is on the fritz. This will be the second power cable with the magnet plug I've gone through on this Macbook Pro when I exchange it this afternoon.

I #2'd, showered, changed, ate, drank some coffee, #2'd again (cigarettes & coffee = laxative), am transferring my camera files and I'll be off shortly. I'm guessing there will be quite the crowd by this point. My guess: 150 people. I could check that on someone's blog (lots of bloggers down there) but I'd rather be surprised.

Globe and Mail

The line keeps growing, but much more slowly than most of us anticipated. There should be 100 people by now, but we're up to about 60 only.

Ian Brown from the Globe and Mail called. I was finally sleeping, for the first time all night, it was 6am, and he calls from New York to interview me about the iPhone. He was apologetic for waking me up, probably more apologetic for catching me in such a groggy state however. Besides the normal questions like, "what about the iPhone makes you want it?" he had a few huge questions that really should have been discussed over a beer. Big philosophy like, "I met a Vietnamese guy in the line up here on 5th Avenue who mentioned that the iPhone does so many things, it even corrects your typos such as 'muther' instead of 'mother' that he feels like the iPhone is like the perfect girlfriend." My response to that was, "that sounds awfully sexist." Other questions approached the almost-religious enthusiasm that surrounds whatever Apple touches these days, noting its charismatic leader, fanatical following and the magical awe its products inspire.

Oh, I was just in the background of an NBC interview... hope I wasn't picking my nose at that moment.

iPhone in Canada

I'm guessing I'll be the first Canadian on the planet with an iPhone. That is unless there's a Canadian Apple employee who's been there for more than a year has received one already. If this is the case then damn I'm special *sarcasm*. If, indeed, it is special, then the email I just sent to the Globe & Mail will prove fruitful.

The thing is that Canada won't be getting this sweet bit o' technology for a while, at least Q4 2007 supposedly. This is unusual for hot tech devices which are usually available simultaneously, as far as I can recall anyway (PS3, PS2, Wii, XBoxes, Vista, OS X). I guess the big issue is the carrier. AT&T, while sucky as hell (as I hear) is still leaps and bounds ahead of Rogers technology, to be sure. While neither company can get their act together regarding customer service, at least AT&T has the Cingular infrastructure which, I'm guessing, is put to good use with the visual voicemail. Clearly their wireless connectivity tech (EVDO?) is completely wasted however, as the iPhone will be using the EDGE network - expect dial-up speeds.

Thank God for wifi! I was pondering this tonight while laying sleeplessly on my cardboard: what if I can't sign up for a contract with AT&T because I don't have an SSN? Well no doubt that would suck. I can get my SIM card to work on it though right? That HAS to be the case, let's not even go there. But if nothing else I can hop on the net (so I can see Google maps, surf pages, email, etc), play with my photo album, watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music (whilst flipping through album covers, ho ho!). All that but no phone calls or SMS or fancy voicemail. For $599 I'll still take it.

Cold and Starbucked

It's impossible to sleep. I'm laying on sheets of cardboard - not even corrugated. I have a large beach towel for cover but it doesn't quite cover me when draped vertically. The slightest breeze chills the bones. Ack, it's terrible. I'm up now because the street cleaners came barreling down this side of the street - my bag and head (latter on former) were just barely saved when someone yelled, "hey watch yourself!"

My new hero of the night is Starbucks. Screw Apple. Lovely Starbucks on Powell and O'Farrell is open 24 hours. Wonderful! Sweet warmth! And a nice clean, civilized bathroom. Now that I'm back with a venti in hand about a dozen others have swarmed out to get their own.

The party is pretty dead around here, I gotta say it's a little disappointing. I figured there'd be ever-flowing beer, ghetto blasters and fun times. Instead this evening seems to reflect this very San Francisco attitude: just get through it - the rewards will be worth it. Delayed gratification, I believe it's called.

I did meet a couple of Brazilians, Fred and some-girl. Fred wants an iPhone. Big surprise. But he's also willing to work for it. We exchanged numbers and he's volunteered to come back here in the morning so I can head home and shower, change, etc. It's an interesting proposition. Actually I'd love it if someone could just come down here and take the whole day shift for me. ACTUALLY, I'd love it if there were less hype and I didn't find myself down here tonight. Meh, at least I get to see what it's like outside of the Mission; indeed it's the first night I've spent in San Francisco beyond our apartment. I gotta say I prefer home. I could probably leave in the morning without needing Fred however, my neighbours seem to be good enough chaps, especially neighbour -1.

Tips for Releasing a Messianic Device

As I was checking out some other blogs about waiting in line at the Apple Store, I came up with a few tips for Apple, or whoever else wants to release a messianic-scale device:

- Serve refreshments at 11pm.
- Serve more refreshments at 12am.
- Provide a power snake for people to run their laptops all night (we don't have iPhones yet, not that their battery life will be sufficient)

I sent a few of these to Steve Jobs himself, hopefully he'll take note.

More tips as they come to me, but I'm getting tired, I might try sleeping for a bit.

iPhone Zoo

We're all just animals.

But as far as natural selection goes, we've got a competitive advantage. We're stronger, faster, better, more enterprising, more determined and definitely smarter. At least this is what I've deluded myself into believing. I still can't believe I'm out here.

People are taking photos of us regularly, especially of my fine neighbour (-1 position). His setup: 8 pieces of cardboard laid in a row. Plus a fhair and bags of food. Plus his black Macbook. He's doin' alright that's for sure (especially since his Macbook gets at least double the battery of mine). He keeps tapping away on his keyboard, ichatting and blogging and watching YouTube.

NEWSFLASH: Someone DIDN'T know why we were waiting here! Amazing! He just asked my neighbour (position +1) why we were all waiting here.

My neighbour +1 seems to be a nice guy. He's got a good setup too: lawn chair with a good angle of recline, a Nintendo DS, 6 cans of coke (supposedly that's "8 hours worth", ack) and a caring boyfriend who just won't accept the fact that he's "okay" being here by himself on the street (what is this street?) in front of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

In the iPhone Line

My first post was lost. My laptop's first battery died after setting this sucker up. Somehow the Title of the post was saved though.

EDIT: Actually Blogger saves drafts. Awesome! Here's what I had written:
I've been in line here for about an hour now. I got the bad news early on (about 10 minutes after sitting down and 30 seconds after paying $10 for a chair from some guy). I took a couple pictures. I'll post them asap. I've already been offered $150 if I buy a second iPhone for the CEO of a wine company. I'm down to 2 minutes of battery on my low battery. Hopefully I can squeeze juice out along the way

I wanted to call this blog "The Centre of the World" (yes, spelled properly like that) but it was taken. I've resorted to this title which should suffice for now. The problem is that right now I feel like I'm at the centre of the world. Especially right now, at this very second, because right now I'm in line (about 25th) at the Apple Store, San Francisco, CA (USA).

I've take a few photos and a couple quick videos. I realize I've left my camera's USB cable at home and, good ol' MacBook Pro, my computer has no microSD slot. I've got my RAZR's camera, which will just have to do for now.

Check out this crazy guy's sign here. Trading an iPhone for VC? What would that entail exactly? Oh wait, there's some small print... "VC=venture capital. Not for direct trade. Negotiations necessary." Cute.