Friday, June 29, 2007

Cold and Starbucked

It's impossible to sleep. I'm laying on sheets of cardboard - not even corrugated. I have a large beach towel for cover but it doesn't quite cover me when draped vertically. The slightest breeze chills the bones. Ack, it's terrible. I'm up now because the street cleaners came barreling down this side of the street - my bag and head (latter on former) were just barely saved when someone yelled, "hey watch yourself!"

My new hero of the night is Starbucks. Screw Apple. Lovely Starbucks on Powell and O'Farrell is open 24 hours. Wonderful! Sweet warmth! And a nice clean, civilized bathroom. Now that I'm back with a venti in hand about a dozen others have swarmed out to get their own.

The party is pretty dead around here, I gotta say it's a little disappointing. I figured there'd be ever-flowing beer, ghetto blasters and fun times. Instead this evening seems to reflect this very San Francisco attitude: just get through it - the rewards will be worth it. Delayed gratification, I believe it's called.

I did meet a couple of Brazilians, Fred and some-girl. Fred wants an iPhone. Big surprise. But he's also willing to work for it. We exchanged numbers and he's volunteered to come back here in the morning so I can head home and shower, change, etc. It's an interesting proposition. Actually I'd love it if someone could just come down here and take the whole day shift for me. ACTUALLY, I'd love it if there were less hype and I didn't find myself down here tonight. Meh, at least I get to see what it's like outside of the Mission; indeed it's the first night I've spent in San Francisco beyond our apartment. I gotta say I prefer home. I could probably leave in the morning without needing Fred however, my neighbours seem to be good enough chaps, especially neighbour -1.

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