Friday, June 29, 2007

Globe and Mail

The line keeps growing, but much more slowly than most of us anticipated. There should be 100 people by now, but we're up to about 60 only.

Ian Brown from the Globe and Mail called. I was finally sleeping, for the first time all night, it was 6am, and he calls from New York to interview me about the iPhone. He was apologetic for waking me up, probably more apologetic for catching me in such a groggy state however. Besides the normal questions like, "what about the iPhone makes you want it?" he had a few huge questions that really should have been discussed over a beer. Big philosophy like, "I met a Vietnamese guy in the line up here on 5th Avenue who mentioned that the iPhone does so many things, it even corrects your typos such as 'muther' instead of 'mother' that he feels like the iPhone is like the perfect girlfriend." My response to that was, "that sounds awfully sexist." Other questions approached the almost-religious enthusiasm that surrounds whatever Apple touches these days, noting its charismatic leader, fanatical following and the magical awe its products inspire.

Oh, I was just in the background of an NBC interview... hope I wasn't picking my nose at that moment.

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