Friday, June 29, 2007

In the iPhone Line

My first post was lost. My laptop's first battery died after setting this sucker up. Somehow the Title of the post was saved though.

EDIT: Actually Blogger saves drafts. Awesome! Here's what I had written:
I've been in line here for about an hour now. I got the bad news early on (about 10 minutes after sitting down and 30 seconds after paying $10 for a chair from some guy). I took a couple pictures. I'll post them asap. I've already been offered $150 if I buy a second iPhone for the CEO of a wine company. I'm down to 2 minutes of battery on my low battery. Hopefully I can squeeze juice out along the way

I wanted to call this blog "The Centre of the World" (yes, spelled properly like that) but it was taken. I've resorted to this title which should suffice for now. The problem is that right now I feel like I'm at the centre of the world. Especially right now, at this very second, because right now I'm in line (about 25th) at the Apple Store, San Francisco, CA (USA).

I've take a few photos and a couple quick videos. I realize I've left my camera's USB cable at home and, good ol' MacBook Pro, my computer has no microSD slot. I've got my RAZR's camera, which will just have to do for now.

Check out this crazy guy's sign here. Trading an iPhone for VC? What would that entail exactly? Oh wait, there's some small print... "VC=venture capital. Not for direct trade. Negotiations necessary." Cute.

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