Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone in Canada

I'm guessing I'll be the first Canadian on the planet with an iPhone. That is unless there's a Canadian Apple employee who's been there for more than a year has received one already. If this is the case then damn I'm special *sarcasm*. If, indeed, it is special, then the email I just sent to the Globe & Mail will prove fruitful.

The thing is that Canada won't be getting this sweet bit o' technology for a while, at least Q4 2007 supposedly. This is unusual for hot tech devices which are usually available simultaneously, as far as I can recall anyway (PS3, PS2, Wii, XBoxes, Vista, OS X). I guess the big issue is the carrier. AT&T, while sucky as hell (as I hear) is still leaps and bounds ahead of Rogers technology, to be sure. While neither company can get their act together regarding customer service, at least AT&T has the Cingular infrastructure which, I'm guessing, is put to good use with the visual voicemail. Clearly their wireless connectivity tech (EVDO?) is completely wasted however, as the iPhone will be using the EDGE network - expect dial-up speeds.

Thank God for wifi! I was pondering this tonight while laying sleeplessly on my cardboard: what if I can't sign up for a contract with AT&T because I don't have an SSN? Well no doubt that would suck. I can get my SIM card to work on it though right? That HAS to be the case, let's not even go there. But if nothing else I can hop on the net (so I can see Google maps, surf pages, email, etc), play with my photo album, watch movies and TV shows, and listen to music (whilst flipping through album covers, ho ho!). All that but no phone calls or SMS or fancy voicemail. For $599 I'll still take it.

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