Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Zoo

We're all just animals.

But as far as natural selection goes, we've got a competitive advantage. We're stronger, faster, better, more enterprising, more determined and definitely smarter. At least this is what I've deluded myself into believing. I still can't believe I'm out here.

People are taking photos of us regularly, especially of my fine neighbour (-1 position). His setup: 8 pieces of cardboard laid in a row. Plus a fhair and bags of food. Plus his black Macbook. He's doin' alright that's for sure (especially since his Macbook gets at least double the battery of mine). He keeps tapping away on his keyboard, ichatting and blogging and watching YouTube.

NEWSFLASH: Someone DIDN'T know why we were waiting here! Amazing! He just asked my neighbour (position +1) why we were all waiting here.

My neighbour +1 seems to be a nice guy. He's got a good setup too: lawn chair with a good angle of recline, a Nintendo DS, 6 cans of coke (supposedly that's "8 hours worth", ack) and a caring boyfriend who just won't accept the fact that he's "okay" being here by himself on the street (what is this street?) in front of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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