Saturday, June 30, 2007

Now Selling iPhone

Indeed I've decided to sell my iPhone already. It just doesn't do what I'd hoped. Only 8GBs of memory? My Ipod Nano has 2GBs and it's only a year old. Where's the 10x leap in capacity we all deserve?

Also the connection to wifi should allow me to make calls using VoIP but it doesn't! What the heck? Why should we have to pay to make calls on this thing? Being able to send free SMS while connected to wifi is nice though.

The "typing assistant" doesn't predict what I want to type. It only corrects it. With the touch screen capacity it should be able to type my thoughts or at least type by dictation. Nope, none of that either.

I tried using the iPhone to type in the access code to my friend's building. Nothing. No beep, no open door, nothing. Huge disappointment.

On the up side, I pulled my iPhone out at a restaurant this morning and all eyes were on me. That's kinda cool.

So yeah, I'm going to sell my second iPhone. It's still in the box and in the wrapping. I'm including the nifty iPhone bag that it came in which is probably plastered all over the Web in photos of my triumphant walk down the Apple Store staircase. It was glorious. Note that your iPhone, the one I'm selling was actually in my bag - I put my bottle of water in the iPhone bag and held it up as a decoy... in case.

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