Friday, June 29, 2007

The Store Will Be Closing in 30 Minutes

At 2pm the Apple Store will close for a four hour super-makeover. At least this is what I've been told by a former Apple Retail Store employee. All the posters come down, all the merchandise will be re-arranged... I'm guessing they'll have every single employee on hand for this and it will still take them four hours. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

Other interesting news: The mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, will be coming down here at 6pm to marry several gay couples. I'm not sure why these gays have chosen a big media extravaganza like this for their show of vows, but I can imagine it has some ulterior political objective. The media whores! Oh wait, that's super unPC. I mean, go gay guys! :)

The media people are getting a little crazy. It's annoying: cameramen walking up and down the line, lugging their cam at knee height, others angle their camera over all these geeks' heads while they're typing/blogging/ichatting away. Considering the recent commotion caused by Google's Street View as an invasion of privacy, and having looked into the definition of a "reasonable expectation of privacy," I can guarantee that these cameramen are invading the privacy of anyone whose laptop is suddenly and unavoidably exposed to the eyes of the world. Someone ought to sue.

It turns out neighbours -1 are a friendly lot, although I have to wonder if the folks in line behind us mind that their workmates have hopped into line here. I don't mind myself but I'd imagine others would... unless they're all doing it themselves right? - very possible.

Other surprising news: not everyone knows about the iPhone. Ignorance seems to range from "when is the iPhone coming out?" to "why the hell are you guys waiting here?" It's amazing that everyone doesn't know already. Seriously. Living in this city, how could you NOT know? I'll except the few tourists from this astonishment.

Oh yeah, I think I saw Tom Cruise. I got a picture, but I left my USB cable at home... AGAIN. ARGH.

Shout out to Cooley who stopped by to pass along his post card. Nice printing. Too bad I'm not into hiphop. Smart guy though ("here man, check out my new album for your iPhone. You can download it on iTunes." - smart, like the water).

Oh, lastly and speaking of water, MICROSOFT sent in their team to quench our parched throats with bottles of Tellme water. LAME. I gave them heck for approaching our territory and began shouting like an histerical fool who's been burnt by Microsoft too many times. They ran. Oh yes, they ran. (picture of this forthcoming).

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