Friday, June 29, 2007

This was the scene just before I left.

I'm at home. I gave up. It was too much for me.

Just kidding. I had to do #2 and wasn't feeling good so, after exchanging oaths of allegiance with neighbours -1, I took off for home. Em was still sleeping when I arrived here at 8:10am (she was going to call me at 7:30am and head down with some coffee) but that's okay. She was up late following my blog here or something. :)

I'm just copying over the photos and movies from my camera right now. The dead laptop battery is still charging because my darn power cable is on the fritz. This will be the second power cable with the magnet plug I've gone through on this Macbook Pro when I exchange it this afternoon.

I #2'd, showered, changed, ate, drank some coffee, #2'd again (cigarettes & coffee = laxative), am transferring my camera files and I'll be off shortly. I'm guessing there will be quite the crowd by this point. My guess: 150 people. I could check that on someone's blog (lots of bloggers down there) but I'd rather be surprised.

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