Friday, June 29, 2007

A Zoo of Rumours

I mentioned the zoo aspect. Well it's getting worse. Every Dick, Jane and Joe Tourist wants a photo of the iPhonies (you heard it here first) who have spent their night and, soon, their day awaiting the hailed messiah.

I'm just here for the challenge. I mentioned that right? Some, however, are just pure mercenary. Reports are coming down the line (literally) that line holders in NY are sitting for $400. Some say that we should be able to ask double and that we're allowed two iPhones each, so, for our efforts, our iPhones would be free +tax. Okay, sounds good. But how do we hook up with the buyers?

Enter I haven't bothered to check them out, but they've sent a spokesmen out to rally the crowd into logging on to fulfill eager buyers' orders.

The sun is getting frickin' hot. I'm probably a touch burnt already and it hasn't even hit apex yet. Stupid me left my hat at home when I ran my pit stop. Luckily Apple has come out of their legally dubious shadows to support us with a big fat bottle of water. Indeed, and not just any water, but Smart Water. The irony abounds.

Oh man, time for a piss break. Back to Starbucks I guess? Perhaps Macy's? Or there's the food court across the street.

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