Sunday, July 8, 2007

Transformers Review

I managed to get Em to go to Transformers with me tonight. She liked some of the funny bits (as did I) but what's up with all those plot holes? SPOILER ALERT: suddenly the cube can shoot Megatron (as long as it's close to his chest I guess) and Megatron was right behind Sam while he's carrying the cube up through the building and he's, well, Megatron... how did he NOT catch him? There was nothing holding him back! The whole "just place the cube in my chest and I will sacrifice myself" line, delivered twice, was corny and about as braindead as it gets. The action scenes are pretty amazing though. I loved the battle in the desert when the A10s come swooping in. Awesome stuff there.

Now if you're into the original Transformers I have a special treat for you.

Check out the 1986 Transformers Movie here. Here's a strange but nicely drawn Japanese cartoon series of Transformers (one which I haven't seen) with computer graphics for the Transformers themselves. And last but not least, the original three seasons of the hit series, Transformers. Obviously I bare no responsibility for external content!

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