Friday, July 27, 2007

Americans, Canadians and Greatness

I'm just watching the YouTube/CNN Democratic debates here and, with a certain sense of awe, must give great credit to the power and influence of the United States. I think when you draw from an idealised well of hope and faith, as many Americans can (and probably should) do, combined with the reality of their lofty International position, you get a taste of what true greatness really is. I'm not saying that the Democratic candidates are JFKs or even LBPs, but wow, there is so much potential left in this country.

This leads me back to thoughts of another great country, my country: Canada. I know in my heart it's a great country (even if I don't want to live there at this point in my life), but when I watch a political debate or, God forbid, a session of Question Period at the House, it's actually embarrasing. Do we not have great potential? For what we are - a vast land of resources and big-hearted libertarian people - why aren't we, too, drawing from the same idealised well of hope and faith that will lead us forward to greatness?

Big ideas come from big minds and become real when the people see themselves as big and, more importantly, worthy. I feel that Canadians just don't know how big we really are. And to us I say, "it's okay to feel important; the responsibility that comes with it is worth it."

Maybe big minds can't fit hope back into their vocabulary. And maybe the big people are just too damn cynical these days.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I understand your comments about the good ol USA... loyal, patriotic, assertive are a few descriptive words that come to mind.
Canada IS a great country and although it is easy to become jaded about our "political" state of mind, we do have true greatness. Of course our politians must appease Quebec and visible minorities. In addition, our media is a powerful, influencial vehicle of destruction. It has the ability to "make or break" (for lack of a better term)a politician. This, of course, has dramatic ramifications for our country and its apparent potential for greatness.
Canadians, by nature, are complacent, conservative, tolerant and frequently apathetic. But that's another subject worthy of discussion at a later date. We allow and, even encourage, new immigrants to "set up shop" with few lifestyle changes. A melting pot? Never! Multicultural? Pluarlism? Perhaps. In the democractic sense, I guess... Capitalistic... oh yeah! My partner emigrated from a Communist regime and the more I learn about that system, I realize its value. Shocked you? Ha. Our borders are so soft, terrorists move freely and confidently (if not arrogantly)within them. Not a good thing!
What restores and sustains my sense of hope is our youth and you!!!! :-) Lofty ideas, creative and novel endevours make us great! Take care... ~Col