Thursday, July 26, 2007

What/Where/How are you doing?

In response to an email from a long-distance friend, here is my response to his questions.

Nope, not working at Apple. I did, however, wait in line for 19 hours for an iPhone. You know what that is of course. (right???) It would seem that all mobile devices attach a little signature to the end of any emails sent from it. Emails from a blackberry say "Sent from my blackberry." Mine says, "Sent from my iPhone." It's just automatic. I believe it's a disclaimer to the effect of "the above message may contain even more errors and typos than usual because I'm typing on an impossibly tiny keyboard not really designed for adult fingers but integrated into a small and sleek device so cool that it's worth suffering the above noted typos, so deal with it."

What am I doing?
Starting on a new project - Stylastic. In fact go there now: and register for news and beta testing. I'm helping with the prototype right now actually. I've been watching a lot of Nip/Tuck as well.

At this very minute I'm typing on my laptop.

Where am I doing?
I'm doing most things in my office/studio (studio always sounded so much cooler) called The Bunker. I shall have to share photos with you at some point. Not nearly as cool as yours from the sounds of it. Otherwise I can be found doing things at our impossibly small apartment. Its the size of the Lope de Vega place's living room and kitchen. That's it. So I do most of my things on the bed, which is the only place to sit/lay down besides the loveseat which is old and crappy and uncomfortable.

How am I doing?
I do most things by way of my computer which is a Macbook Pro that I bought in October of last year that, while seemingly breaking down every month or so, is my baby and I love her. She has no name, unlike Frank the Toshiba, but she wears a cool black plastic covering that makes her look like the Darth Vader of Macs. Frank sits on my desk, usually closed, until I have a new website for which I must see just how badly Internet Explorer has mangled my beautiful code. As you might imagine this confers bad feelings towards Frank, further reinforced by his wie-ein-faultier CPU speed.

In the conventional sense of the phrase, "how am I doing?" - I'm doing fine thank you. How are you?

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