Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Someone ought to tell those guys...

Guy Kawasaki laced into a New York company's Craigslist ad on his, well, rather prolific blog today. Kinda funny, kinda sad. He goes on to say some rather heartfelt things about how to hire people from a non-incompetent standpoint.

I checked out the original ad that he was talking about and, seeing that they didn't edit their ad yet, dropped them a line with a link to Guy's entry. Just trying to change the world I guess. ;)


Anonymous said...

Let me know if it works! Do you play hockey?

centeroftheworld said...

I was just talking to my partners about how I ought to go down to the boys n girls club and get involved, but they told me i'd "could" (read: have to) play basketball. I guess theres no rink around here. :)

Actually my skating skills have eroded somewhat, but I'll take ya in floor hockey.