Sunday, February 10, 2008

Botched Interview

So I'm watching A Daily Show this afternoon, catching up on the week's episodes when Chris Wallace comes out for the interview portion of Tuesday's episode. What I normally do when higher profile guests come out is look them up on wikipedia to gain some perspective on what I'm about to see. I do the same thing while watching Bill Maher sometimes.

On Chris Wallace's entry it talks about an interview he did with Bill Clinton a couple years ago, noting how Clinton gets pissed and says all kinds of embarrassingly truthful things about Wallace's (and Fox's) interview tactics and how they work to the conservative Republican agenda.

Before I carried on with Jon and Chris' interview from Tuesday, I looked up the Chris and Bill interview; boy oh boy it's a goodie. Clinton is a real statesman. Check it out.

We progressives could learn a thing or two about how important it is to have facts at our fingertips when dealing with conservative skanks like this guy.

Now, onto the Daily Show. This should be good.


Danielle, Dani, Daniela... said...

"You did FOX's did their nice little conservative hit-job on me"

This interview rocks! I don't support either the Democrats or the Republicans, but this interview made me cheer Clinton on!

As for the pollos locos, I've got 54 and their produce a dozen a day all together. As for me, I've always been a little off my knew that!

centeroftheworld said...

Yeah, this is one of my favourite moments in US interview history. Good ol' Clinton. It makes me wonder why we don't have moments like this in Canadian politics and history.

So, 54 chickens, 12 eggs a day, which you could sell for (maybe) $1.50... doesn't sound like a money maker. No wonder food prices are going up. :)