Sunday, February 24, 2008

Capturing a Moment

Have you ever wanted to capture a moment that lasted more than 1/60 of a second? I'd never thought of it before, but if the manufacturers of digital cameras are listening, here's your next killer feature boys and girls.

I'm sitting at Dolores Park Cafe, trying to do some work on a Sunday and enjoy a little brunch, perhaps partaking in the scene that is DP Cafe. We have a table next to the window so I'm watching the sun come out and go away, the rain pelt down and go away, the jackets and umbrellas come out and go away. There's this old asian guy who must be the security guard or something (do they need security?) wearing a neon reflective vest, standing next to the entrance on the sidewalk. Actually he's not standing there, he's walking in place. In fact, have you seen that new PS3 game called Lost Planet? This guy is doing the running animation that your character does in the game while tromping through the snow, over and over and over. I've had time to pull out my laptop, open up Flock and write this whole thing since I started watching him. He must be trying to keep warm, but from here it looks like he's on a long journey through snow covered hills - next to the entrance to DP Cafe.

So, to Matsushita, Sony and Canon I present to you a rough example for the cool new digital camera feature inspired by the running man of DP Cafe.

The instant avatar gif maker.
- 1-5 second animations
- just hold down the trigger
- download directly from your camera to your favourite forum

Here's my favourite example of what we can do with this feature (click):

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Anonymous said...

Too funny Ty! Loved the animation. Seriously, though, great idea. Pitch it!!!
Col :)
Btw... think I've been to that cafe. I checked out the reviews and it sounds familiar.