Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lights out last night - did you?

... cuz I know I didn't. I had completely forgotten about it until my friend Colin texted me to tell me he wouldn't be able to meet up for a beer due to a work "thing" related to Lights Out SF.  That was a 8:45pm, 45 minutes into the hour of lights out. Woops! I dashed over to the bed to turn out the night stand light and then realized I'd turned on the living room light too - which I turned off.

There I sat in the dark with only the LCD screens of Macbook and Sharp Aquos to guide me, when I decided to look out the window to see what should have been quite the spectacle, right? All the lights in San Francisco turned off, stars shining and all that.

But obviously this wasn't the case. If the lights in the city had been turned off, the street lights especially because they're the brightest and most noticeable, I wouldn't have been 45 minutes late to the party! I'd have noticed because there are windows everywhere in the apartment and the streets in front of me would've darkened.

So who cares about turning out the lights when one of the leading Green cities, San Francisco, can't get their act together to hit the switch? Did any city turn out the street lights for Lights Out?

I'm off to go rent my first zipcar - a Prius.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dealing with Spammers

Since most spammers leave their contact information, why not contact them directly?

Expatriator says: (12:01:10 PM)
do you sell handbags?

Emily says: (12:01:11 PM)

Emily says: (12:01:17 PM)
yes,.we have handvbags

Expatriator says: (12:01:22 PM)

where are you?

Emily says: (12:01:24 PM)
you can see on our website

Expatriator says: (12:01:24 PM)


Emily says: (12:01:29 PM)
we are in china

Check this out.
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