Monday, August 4, 2008

Understanding Republicans/Conservatives

From Youtube comments on the above video, found here.

barack husein obama is a phoney,all his bumpersticker slogans/catch phrases are stolen from duval patrick who used them to fool the people of my state into handing him the gov seat,all he has done since is raise my taxes and spend my money,husein will do the same, democrats raise taxes.democrats spend our money its what they do,its all they do,dont believe the hype this man is a lier plain and simple, he is also a crybaby ,whining about every ad that exposes his true colors. change? ya right!

God man, you're sound so pessimistic.

Try watching a few (entire) Obama videos and them come back and tell us he's not completely genuine.

Democrats balanced the budget if you remember - that's something the country needed and needs again (desparately). So if the Dems do raise taxes, which could well be necessary, unless you're rich you probably shouldn't care because it won't be on the backs of low-middle class hard working Americans.

If you make a company pay more in taxes they will charge more to make up the differences in their profits. You raise a companies expenitures...such as taxing it more, they raise prices to make their profit. This has happened with every business. Not sure why you doubt that.

It is an open market....people are still willing to pay $4 a gallon, but as the US has dropped its usage by 5% it shows that less people are willing to pay that. Thus, the price did drop to match demand. Its about $3.78 now. And still dropping. Demand went down because price went up..simple economics.

Are you for regulating how much one can make i profits...Percentage wise they make less then most other business.

Everyone should pay less taxes.

"Everyone should be less taxes." - Why exactly? They pay for important services that we'd be unable to buy privately for less or as equitably. Unless you feel that society should continue to be unbalanced or provide unequal opportunity for children regardless of their class.

As for regulating how much one can make in profits - no, I don't, unless there's price gouging. Do you believe that agencies like the FDA and FBI shouldn't exist to help protect consumers and citizens?

As for businesses passing on increased taxes - that's not been the case everytime. I'm a business owner, when taxes go up I cannot immediately raise my prices. I have to balance that out with other market forces. Do you own a successful business?

Are you saying that every tax is needed and needs to be as high as it is?

"Unless you feel that society should continue to be unbalanced or provide unequal opportunity for children regardless of their class." So you are a self admitted socialist. You believe in the redistribution of wealth, and not you get what you earn.

Oil companies make less percentage wise on their product then housing, food, and most other products. So you are wrong about the gouging. Its based on supply and demand, and if you do any research you can see a demand for oil from other countries has sky rocketed.

Please provide proof that you own a business. Second, when costs go up, prices go up to make up the differences. If what you are saying is true then gas prices would not effect the price of any other product, but in reality since the cost went up on gas (an expenditure), products went up in price to make up the difference so the company would not lose profit.

Economics 101.

It's a good point (your last one) but unfortunately oversimplified - hence Economics 101. One of the great misnomers of free market economics is that it's simple. It's not as simple as it's made out to be, but perhaps it's simplicity is why it's been such a success with Americans - a couple simple rules and they think they understand everything.

Proof I own a business: I have time in the middle of the day to waste on my own interests knowing I have no boss breathing down my neck - I am the boss.

As for being socialist - what does that mean anyway? I run my own business, believe in an efficient government that provides equitable services for all so that everyone at least has a few basic opportunities - the ones guaranteed in the constitution if you remember our history. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those opportunities, those fundamental beliefs don't come free, and it's our responsibility to vote with a mind for what's best for you AND your children AND your neighbors. I get what I earn, plus roads, plus defense, plus education, plus foreign policy, plus policing, plus a fire department, etc, that works in my favor both now and 10 years from now (which means taking into account the costs of imposing your will onto others - there IS a cost to this - in economic terms it's called an Intangible Asset and my company's balance sheet and value reflects this).

All that being said I would never say that every tax is a good tax. We need to tax what we don't want and reduce taxes for that which we benefit from. I suppose lower income taxes and higher business taxes for large companies. That would make a profound difference for our country. We should tax pollution and reduce taxes on R&D - again, a logical change that would keep the US at the forefront of international business.

Yes, we should provide to people what is in the constitution. That is is. We have a ton extra that can be cut, which would give back the money they earned.

I am not for taking from those that have earned to give to others. Not at the extend that we are doing it now anyway. Over 2/5ths of paycheck is taken away every month. Thats a little extreme. Thats is the redistribution of wealth I am talking about.

You should be able to make any profit you want. If people can't buy from you because your prices are too high you go out of business. Yet, you should set your prices to make the best profit as well.

Taxing companies on profit or more just makes them raise prices, which trickles down to the consumers...or they fire employees to make up the cost.

Raising taxes raises costs which hurts everyone.

Oh man, you're oversimplifying everything.

Yes, 2/5 of your paycheck is too much! I totally agree.

Remember that we're taxing companies on profits, not on revenue. They're taxing your revenue, not your profits. Income tax is ridiculous in our country. But if you're making over $200k per year, then yes, you can afford to pay 2/5 of your income to taxes. It's the cost we bear to be citizens of this great country and it's how we reward the country for providing us with the opportunity to make so much money and be so comfortable. Don't you agree?

If my company makes $1million dollars per year and I spend it on lavish dinners, company flights, hotels, employees and R&D, then I can essentially pay $0 in taxes if I'm careful. Do you think that this is right?

Part of the problem is that people like you (and me sometimes) are so jaded because of what we've seen happen in politics over the years. Lots of be embarassed about. Electoral reform should be the start of the conversation! The electoral college should be abolished and we should have a holiday for voting day!

I disagree...if I am going to work for my money I want most of my money. The rich shouldn't be punished for making more. They already pay most of the taxes while the bottom 30% pay nothing.

Those are loophole examples you have spotted. They should be removed but while they are there it is legal. Just like the firefighter on disability but competed in the body building thing. He didn't break any laws. Loop holes have to be closed.

There should be a simple flat tax for everyone, thats it.

I like the electoral college. Two reasons. Its the system that has worked. Also, we are a Republic, not a Democracy.

Thats off topic though.

I am not for punishing people for making more money as long as its legal. Also, there should be a flat tax for all. Thats fair and equal. Third, we need to remove some of the programs taxes pay for that should not be the responcibility of the tax payer.

Which part do you disagree with exactly? I agree with you that if you work for your money then you should get most of your money. Did you know that in "socialist" Canada they pay about 10% less taxes (both income and corporate) yet they afford many more programs. They also have a balanced budget and while cutting taxes, courtesy of their Liberal party (the equivalent to our Democrats). It's embarassing how far we've fallen.

If I didn't know any better I'd say you were completly blinded to cause/effect and the facts that history has proven by your devotion to the notion that everyone is out to get you. Are you motivated by fear? Do you not enjoy living in America with Americans? After 9/11 I'm not so surprised, but the reality is that the world is a much better place when everyone is happy. Happiness comes from accomplishment and a sense of togetherness (although having luxuries helps!). What makes you happy?

I'm curious what you mean about being a Republic and not a democracy.

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