Thursday, September 11, 2008

Democracy - better than all the rest?

A question that has crossed my mind a lot recently is whether we've done enough to educate the majority of civilians of both my countries (US and Canada) to vote responsibly.

I recently decided to engage in several Facebook groups and discussions on politics. Tragically I found the debaters of one side of the political equation to be sadly ignorant of facts and qualitative evidence - instead choosing to abstain from logic and empathy just enough to ensure they vote for whatever candidate and party platform seems to most represent themselves if they'd been luckier and more ambitious. Fear seems to work well on these people, as does a little family-values tug at the heart-strings.

Check out the latest episode of The Current for September 10, Average Joe for an insightful look at what's going on with our democracies and why me might consider solutions to voter ignorance.
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