Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate UPS today

I HATE shipping. I hate it. It never goes the way it should. Today the worst culprit was UPS. Their web site is so archaic! It reloads the screen when you change countries and loses your form inputs! Unbelievable. To top it off, their web site does NOT allow you to send my own envelope from the US to Canada.

Conversation with them as follows:

Latoya H.: Hi, my name is Latoya H.. How may I help you?
Customer : the form will not let me put in a customs value of 0 for my documents of no value.
Customer : >>>Customs Value is Required (UPS: 80455)
Latoya H.: Are they being shipped in a UPS Express Letter Envelope?
Customer : no, in my own envelope
Latoya H.: You will need to enter the value of at least $1.00.
Customer : but they are documents of no value
Customer : there?
Latoya H.: I sincerely apologize and I understand, but if you do not enter a value, it will not let you continue. Please contact our Internet Technical Support at 1-877-289-6418 for further assistance.

Customer : I HATE UPS's website
Customer : it's so damn 1999
Customer : it's terrible!
Customer : every single time I use it I hate it even more
Customer : it always fails me
Customer : I don't have time to call them
Latoya H.: Please note: When shipping from the United States to Canada, if not shipping in UPS Letter Envelope, you will have to include Commercial Invoices.
Customer : what customs forms do I need to fill out?
Customer : oh ok
Customer : why the difference?
Latoya H.: It is a stipulation that Canadian Customs put in place.
Customer : based on an agreement with UPS?
Latoya H.: I apologize, but I do not have those details.
Customer : how do I just send a damn envelope to Canada by tomorrow?
Customer : it's asking me about tariff codes
Customer : this does not apply!
Latoya H.: I apologize that I am unable to resolve this matter for you. Please contact our International Customer Service at 1-800-782-7892 for further assistance.
Customer : nor does "price per unit"
Customer : wow
Customer : I'll be posting this on the Internet by the way. An example of a really tragically backwards company.
Customer : Not your fault personally of course

UPS, if you're out there and listening, get a hold of me. I will redo your website for the 21st century.